Meal Prep 101 (Healthy Eating Guide, Part 3)

Based on trial and error (thanks to articles on the internet) and some interviews with my athlete friends and nutrition experts, I've learned that there are 4 general approaches to meal-prepping. Each approach has its pro's and con's, and some meal-prepping styles are better suited to some folks than others. I created this comprehensive guide so that you can have a one-stop shop for considering your meal-prepping strategy (rather than digging through dozens of articles, like I did).

Healthy Eating Guide Part 1: Metabolism and Calories

The problem with most diets and weight loss plans is that people set unrealistic expectations of themselves and their body's performance. So, before you go chasing waterfalls *cue trumpet sound from the TLC song* and setting yourself up for a goal that's unobtainable, you need to have a solid foundation in how the body gains and loses weight. In part 1 of this series, we will talk about how metabolism works.